Solar News

Issues related to the development of the implementation of solar energy will be tackled at a national as well as at an international level.

Entrepreneurs specialized in the sector will find in these pages a space devoted to showing the creation and development of their projects.

Responsible in-take

Solar Energy, YES!.. funding, energetic efficiency, sustainability, environment…all the motivations for supporting solar energy, from the economic point of view.

Energy Plan

Accurate follow-up of all the Energy Plans developed for every accounting period by the Administration, whether central, autonomic or local.

Analysis of all those innovative products that are part of a solar energy installation.

Environmental Impact
Energy saving impact on architecture, legislation, new plant design, quality of the facilities, solar heat for industrial processes…All the sector’s contributions for promoting a sustainable environment.

On these pages you will find the most relevant news on solar energy.

New Technologies
The cutting edge innovations available in the market.

Meeting Point
Monographic report, in-depth, of the most representative Exhibitions, at a national as well as at an international level.

Education and Training
Seminars, conferences… to be up-to-date with all the education and information documents generated by the sector.