We offer the services of a specialized group of professionals devoted to the elaboration of communication strategies. They not only posses a deep knowledge of the market, but they also have the flexibility to adjust to our clients’ needs.


A team of professionals, especialized in the most hi-tech design tools, will guide you in the study and development of your company’s image.


Planning and design of advertising campaigns, elaborating a marketing plan, analysis and strategic planning… are the areas of action of this specialized department.


Our experts will help you increase your company’s external communications and to get to know your competition better, transmitting and receiving keys for your company’s development and positioning in the market.


Devoted to planning, trading correspondence, budget and administrative management control, professionals in this department provide and answer to their clients’ and suppliers’ needs.

IT Department

This department offers management solutions in the global management of computer auditing and consulting, e-business, information management and on-line communication related services.


Formed by an efficient human capital who is able to adjust to the market’s everchanging situations and specialised on the various company’s lines of products and services, to offer the best solution to the communication needs of our clients.